About us

My name is Dorothee Haag, I was born in 1973 and I am married. After many years of professional experience in the HR sector in a wide variety of positions, it has always been important to me to develop my employees, to encourage them and to inspire them to think in new ways. I have always seen myself as a coach and trainer.

Today I work with companies and educational institutions on a freelance basis. I continue to focus on the development of the company and its employees as a whole process. There are many aspects that need to be considered in order to find a good solution for everyone involved. I don't just work for companies and educational institutions, I also welcome private individuals. Every person is individual and I see the people I work with as such. Especially in the field of teaching, it sometimes makes sense to do individual training.

Before my time as an HR manager, I was employed for a long time as an industrial clerk in various companies. I enjoyed my time in the HR, sales, export and shipping departments the most. After a good 19 years of professional experience, including six years in HR, I decided to continue my education through distance learning. As part of further measures, I then developed into fulfilling my lifelong dream as an interim HR manager, coach and trainer.

I see people as individuals who are capable of enormous achievements. My goal, together with my cooperation partners, is to enable you to pursue and successfully realize your own goals.

And to do so in a healthy and homogeneous way.

Managing Director Dorothee Haag